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Looking to keep accountable *Strength* *Courage* *Adventure* *Business* A Review within



There comes a time in your life where we realize things need to change either within ourselves or around us,  in order to do these things we need to make those things happen for us personally. Vulnerability, accountability, courage, sacrifice, encouragement and patience are all things we need to work on and grow with. Whether it is for you personally or in your business or both, it can be with your family and friends, no matter which you choose, it only needs to start with you.


My passions and strengths have changed over the years, as I get older, these are becoming more and more a constant in my life. My passion for Photography has never changed, it has evolved over time. When I was younger I loved to take photographs of nature and of events we had gone as a family in our younger years. Shrine Circus, clowns, parades, parks and recreations events, sports games-just to name a few. Then I moved on to families, friends, and even some animals. Then Life happened- we got older and moved on.


My courage- sometimes this is a challenge for me to have. You may see it as a smile, as a nod, but I may be scared straight too. Like the Lions in the Wizard of Oz-we all need the courage to help us grow and move forward. Getting that at times may be the issue and then how do you use it to grow within yourself? We do need to keep moving forward, try and try again, until you find what works for you. Once you do it will be quick and easy and exciting. These levels of courage can change over time, so keep moving forward and never fear the unknown as sometimes the things that await you can bring you the best news yet.


Having friends and family encourage, support, and believe in what you do may also keep you in check with your lives. We all need it no matter our ages, races or accomplishments in time or business, or personal, we are all human. As I embark on this year, I am making, attempting, being honest, to change myself and how I look at things or accept things in life, personal, business and otherwise.

Patience, understanding and courage are going to take the roll for me this year, as I move forward and switch things to better suite me as a person, as a mother, as a business owner.

I have openly accepted many things over the years, I need to also accept that I too am a person who is worthy of others. So I begin this journey with a bit more open eyes, a few more lesser why’s, and whole lot of love.


I do plan to be more adventurous this year. I would love to explore more options to photograph many things out there, and I will accept that journey openly. My life’s dream was to become a travel photographer working with Time Magazine. Although that is a far cry now, I will keep an open mind and heart for what will come. My passion and true love for photography is in my blood. I see so many things at varies times while I am with others, or working or just visiting people and wish I can take a photo or two!  I think that I may just have to be buried with my camera when the time comes!!


Business is hard, at times it can be ruthless for others, but at the same time rewarding as well. It is never easy or simple. Things are always changing or adjusting in some form or another. But I cam honestly say, that working for yourself has allot more advantages then working for others. Time is always on your side, you just need to make sure your time is well spent. Having said that I will be working on allot this year. Challenges, growth, improvements are always needed. Learning various options to offer to others, getting feedback to help with this is another way to grow and learn about how others see you in business. We all need to pay attention to how we treat one another in business, personal or otherwise, it affects you in many ways. Let’s go and make the world believe in you as a person, a true human being, someone they would continue to do business with. Get your values in check, do your research and get accountable for all your actions and explore all the options that are out there to grow and move forward in our ever so changing fast paced world out there.


You never know what life will throw out at you, so remember to live it to the fullest and enjoy yourself and family and friends, take your passions and run with them!! Have a purpose in life to keep going forward and making others have a reason to smile and look up to you!!


Personal Growth and Accountability

words from Anne Marie



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Holidays and Wishes for 2016 into 2017




Merry Christmas


Happy New Years!!

Enjoy your family

and friends!!


See you in 2017!!

Phelan Photography


Anne Marie, Bill,

Ryan, Adam, Matthew and Lauren

and Jacob

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Christmas Wishes and Holiday Blues


unnamed (1)

First off let me start off by saying,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

to everyone near and far!!!!


What a time to celebrate your accomplishments, learn from your mistakes, reacquaint yourselves with family and friends, perhaps even gain some new friends or business colleague’s.  Take this holiday season to remember what this truly means to you, within your heart and soul. Share that with all  you meet no matter the season. We are all on this earth to be kind to one another.


Although it is Christmas there are many people, family and friends, people who you may never know personally, who deal with anxiety, depression, SAD, random stressful thoughts that my be good or bad, hard times can actually fall on everyone no matter the level of pay scale they may be. Be aware how you are treating others, make an attempt to get to know people, or even to make yourself better, so that you have a better understanding on how things are in the world. Experience and knowledge are the keys to improvements, and the willingness to change for the good, not just for yourself but for others too.


Life experiences, the change of the times, how we look at the world, which is ever so changing so quickly right before our eyes!! Comes into play with everyone. Some people will have to relocate for work, have been fired or had to quit, lost their job for closures, or simply for the fact that it may have been something that was just needed to change for them, LIFE is hard. Getting help, asking for help, and participating in the help are all aspects we all need to work on together. Recognise the signs when someone tells you that they may need help, communication is key, non communication had many forms. A look, a reaction, body language, disposition, visible stress. Sometimes we are too caught up with everything we forget to be aware of these signs. Some are harder to see then others, but if you try, you just may be able to see it.


Christmas and New Years are important to us all, with us, it brings most of our families together, or mine specifically. Although we too experience rough patches, stressful lives, and most times, distance and dealing with 2 other countries of separation from other family members. We miss those we don’t get to see, we wish we could see them all under one roof, or over the time frame of the holidays, that my Dear Watson, is just impossible!! 

So like many others, we forge ahead, participate when we can, with who we can, and celebrate Life.  For these things we are Thankful to be able to share with our children and young adults, who constantly remind us that “we” are getting old!! LOL!!! Something’s like this never change!! 

Traditions some are kept some are not, sometimes it is best to start new ones. Gain friendships, loose friendships, it is all part of how we deal with things, those inner thoughts, the brain that sends the signals to the heart, how to react, or not to react, choices in the end is what it means to go forward and how others will see you.


Reflections of times gone by, to a simpler time, of when your grandparents were (or still may be) around. Do you remember the laughter sitting around the tables, the games your played, the food you shared?? The music shared, the carols sang, some in tuned some not, but who cared it was a celebration to be shared!! We all long for those times, the years gone by, to help with the years ahead still to come.

I remember when my grandmother Georgina would play her piano, we would sit by the bench and sing songs, meet up with my cousins and aunts and uncles and all have a feast. Unfortunately, we don’t do that any more. No more grandparents (my grandparents) are alive anymore. No relatives have taken that role anymore, we see them occasionally at events or funerals it is sad. It makes it hard for our kids to get to know more relatives, as we did when we were growing up. Back then, we got together at least 4 times a year, now we are lucky if it is once a year. It gets harder yet as our families grow each year and all are split around the countries.  My grandma and grandpa loved playing cards. Guess they all did!! Back in those days it was something to do!! Believe me, I have relatives I have never met yet!!


Christmas will be celebrated in one form or another, from across the world. Take in your families and friends, and those who have no one to share it with, spread the love and the joy as if they were one of your own. Celebrate these moments, cherish those around you and remember you are loved.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!  


See you in 2017!!



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December Holidays and Wishes!!



Holiday family photos are always a great gift ideal to pass along to your families and friends!!


It is that time of the year once again, as we prepare ourselves for the holiday season Christmas!! It is a joyous time of the year especially for those little ones in your home, while it is also a challenge for those who are older or perhaps have other issues going on. So take the time to make sure who ever you meet during this holiday season, you are aware of those people who may just need that extra hug or smile to get them through these challenging times. Prepare your holiday spirit with kindness and love, challenge yourself to help those who may need it.

Lots of things have been going on in our households, many relatives having surgery, kids changing jobs or moving friends. Life is never dull around here, but you know if you had nothing to look forward to whether it is helping those around you or just someone in your community, we would be totally bored. It is just how we are made internally, passionate of helping others. Keep life sparkling with Love.

As I look out the window today, the snow is starting to fall, finally!! As we have been blessed with such unseasonal warm weather with a few twists, we did have a snow storm fly in one day!! We can all get better prepared for the next few weeks ahead of us. It should bring us all together and be Thankful for what we have now. Take the time to enjoy your families and friends and perhaps that stranger you keep meaning to say Hello too or that senior citizen you see on the streets. Be kind, Be Loving, Be true to you and others.

I would like to take this time to let all my family and friends and clients, know that I appreciate each and every one of you!!



I send out my Thanks to those who have done business with myself over this past year as well as to all the new clients I have met over the year, I look forward to continuing that journey into the New Year in 2017!!   Let’s make 2017 Rock!!


From my family to yours

Have a Blessed Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year!!!

Anne Marie, Bill, Ryan, Adam, Matthew, Lauren

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Whacky Wednesdays!!


Knowing all the things you have endeared in your lifetime, isn’t it nice to know that you do have the power to go forward in life and make a difference? All we have to do is believe in our selves and perhaps have a few friends and family members to keep us on track and be able to tell each other how we feel at different times to assist in those moments, we all have to be able to go forward and make it work. Having the faith and belief that we can, as well as having the positive enforcements of others, makes us stronger. 

Being in business for yourself certainly has many challenges, keeping up with all the information needed to learn how to effectively keep it running, accounting, marketing, customer service, dealing with all situations keeps you on your toes most times and also very grateful for those who have worked with you thus far and continue to do so. There are many classes out there to help you with the various options you need to help run your business effectively and efficiently too. Which brings me to updating information. How often do you feel the need to update your educational values for your businesses? Meaning, do you update any certificates or classifications so that your customers have more of an understanding that you are informed properly of your particular business and how it is run? Do you continuously ask for testimonials from your clients? I can say personally, I at times will ask, but truthfully will forget when I get too busy as well for my own business. It is a learning experience knowing when to ask or when not to ask. Having the freedom and the courage is always good.

Courage. Do you feel you have enough of it? Just like the movie, The Wizard of Oz- The Lion seeks out courage from the Great Wizard of Oz.    Everyday we all need courage to keep going forward, and knowing when to ask for help when it is needed. Setting you goals, your wishes for your business will help you keep you courage within your business and personal lives. Positivity and common sense are always needed. Getting assistance when it is needed will help you grow within and keep on track with your business as well.

12620665_10153757065175490_646827414_o (1)

Just like my logo above, it is a piece of me and my dreams. Photography has been in my blood for many years with many family member’s as photographers. It is my passion that through out the years, I have turned it into my business. I love being able to take a client’s photograph, or an event or even real estate photography, all showing to the clients what it is that I see through my lens. Beauty, passion, peace, Love, and Life!! My Monarch Butterfly is a symbol for me, a new growth and freedom. This transformed after my mother had gone through Breast Cancer over 5 years ago, and now is in remission. The Irish Claddah within the wings of the butterfly is in respect to my Irish husband’s heritage, being born of Irish family from Cork and Dublin, Ireland. One day I hope to see this country and its beauty and history. History, without this we are not anything. Knowing your history helps you get though each day, working for a better world for you and your own families and friends.  Personality, that is how we attract others. What we do, how we do what we do, how we treat others and making sure that what it is your are doing is true to you and others around you.


Keeping yourself true and positive is a challenging chore. If I find the need to reconnect I do this near the water.

Peace, tranquility, being grounded within getting a handle on the things you need to do and making those choices all while listening to the sounds of the water and being able to share the beauty of mother nature will always help you. Perhaps it also helps knowing I was born in February, and my zodiac signs are a Fish, Pieces. This is something that I feel truly helps me stay grounded and become the person I am today. My family and my friends are my world. Meeting new people each and every day makes you stronger as a person.


I hope this gives you some insight on myself and how I treat myself and others, as we all could use some kindness in the world along with some great true meaningful friendships too. Keep your outlook positive and uplifting, if you need a hand don’t be afraid to ask someone.


Have a truly remarkable day filled with love and happiness!!



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Summer News, Thrills and Skills

just be free

It has been a very busy summer so far for us for both business and family. Our family has had many changes, moving, changing jobs, life style changes. You know it is never dull when you have 4 boys in your house.

In January one of my sons got engaged with his high school sweetheart, Lauren. They went on a family vacation to British Columbia to see her aunts and uncles. Little did she know that she had a surprise waiting for her while on vacation. Little did she know that this was being planned right under her nose!! Such a fun and high stressful week it was. See the week and half earlier, Matthew had a very bad work accident. it involved a steal pipe falling on his head, requiring a trip to the emergency, 12 staples, full concussion, shocking and scary for us all. A mothers heart never stops wondering what happens to your children no matter how old or young they are when they are hurt. This was a crazy time, dealing with concussions, staples, updates shots, no work, no TV no phones or watching anything—something that was extremely hard for a very active sorts related son. Then trying to make sure he is safe enough to fly to go on vacation-oh yeah this was all around the same time frame!! Like is said, never dull in our house!! In the end the very first day out, he proposed as he could not keep it a secret no more!! After 8 years of a courtship, these two will wed!! Many happy tears and laughter’s were celebrated by all!!!
















Earlier in February, my husband and I went to Tennessee for him to visit some work clients and for me to visit with my father and step mother in Alabama.  It was a great visit, go to see the new house they lived in and seen all the new updates in the house. Lovely area, Jacksonville, Alabama. Here is a photo of my father and step mother Lyndia, celebrating one of their anniversaries on the coast of Pensacola. It is always great to be able to visit family when we can. Love the air in Alabama and all it’s great history around to see.


During January and February on, we were also under construction in our home!! I tell you that is stressful enough let alone making sure it gets done! Lots of changes, decisions, getting quotes, design choices, material choices, certified workers are another story in its self! In the end we took a 1/3rd of our home and made it our Master Bedroom Suite. It is still not 100% completed to this day but once it is, you will see the start to finish for sure!!


In between all of this I made a conscious business choice to leave Obeo Real Estate Photography. The company Obeo, based out of Bountiful, Utah was going though some corporate changes, and financially it was a good choice to leave and operate under my own name for business. So as of January 12, 2016 my business changed to Phelan Photography for Real Estate Photography, Business Portraits, Product Photography and Event Photography. It has been the biggest challenge and has given myself the greatest feelings of being officially on my own accord. It is also the best feeling knowing that you are doing something right and help your clients with their listings and personal photographs. My photography has always been my passion in life since I was a little girl. My father gave me a camera at the age of 9 years old and since then I have had endless amounts of various types of cameras. I have had many jobs over the years with my photography, all of which I bring a feeling of accomplishments, strive for perfection, respect for those involved and compassion for others. My photography styles are similar to my personality, fun, relaxed and interestingly goofy at times. That would be my fun, silly side! My serious side will still make you smile, but of course with more seriousness, professional and respectful for others. How do you like my logo? I wanted something personal and meanifull to me. The Butterfly represents Freedom, Breast Cancer (my mother is a survivor) with my husbands Irish heritage in the wings of the Butterfly. Incorporating all of that into this beautiful logo! Art work was done by Ang Wencel of Visions by Ang. Check her out she is great!!



Onto March, lots of fun of course for St. Patrick’s Day!! An Irish tradition that is never spared!

My business picked up from here, Phelan Photography is Rocking!! Love being able to help my clients out, either realtors, brokers, sales representative’s or just a client for an event of family photos. I also took on a few events to photography for some special friends. It was allot of fun being able to help those in need out.  Not many people out there can say that they help others, but as a whole you will find people who do. It gives you satisfaction, heartfelt feelings when you do things for others. As a current Lion’s member (London East Lions Club) we are always helping others in and around our communities, it is in my nature to always help others too. With all the changes going on I would like to send out a huge Thank You to all my clients past and present and those who are new, for picking myself for all your professional needs.



Now onto the Thrills–

One day last year I was introduced to a lady names Dayna Knight, she is the owner of a company called TheCNTC, a nail technician’s trade show and forum. I was brought on the team to help with social media, photography and any other tasks needed. My first time helping was last fall, and man was that interesting!!  Did you know that there are at least over 40 various nail technicians around you  but are they properly certified?? It has been an eye opener learning about all the safety and concerns that is required when you get your nails done, so much more too is required to be known for the consumer and the owners of the shops. This past April TheCNTC team, which consists of Dayna, Colleen, Laura, Logan and myself, flew out to Edmonton, Alberta for a trade show that we hosted. WOW!!! So much stuff that goes into this event is breath taking and exciting and tiring at the same time. Alberta is beautiful in April!! Our time out there was very busy and filled with exciting work and very fun nail technicians. This year will bring lots of new challenges and travel, I look forward to all the fun that we shall incur. If you know of any nail technicians in the surrounding areas, have them check out this website.




In April  and May, I have photographed many events, from MS Society, Lion’s events, Women In Business events, Sock Drop Thursdays, BBI London events, various real estate listings, a 50th wedding celebration, private dental office photos, Horse Cow Reining Shows, volunteer along with agents for Red Day, Autism Society Golf and Autism Walk events, life is always busy and exciting when you enjoy the things you do in life, it brings your great pleasure and happiness when you see the outcome of your photographs and it makes others happy and smile!!


Now onto skills–

Photography is my passion!! I was taught at a young age how to use my camera, which was a Kodiak film camera!! I remember even having a polaroid camera at one time too!! How many camera’s have you owned??

All my family are professional photographers, so learning the trade has come naturally to me. The basics taught by my father and uncles gave me the foundation I needed to always look forward and accept more training as I enhance my trade and continue to learn many techniques for various forms of photography.

I was also taught by many professional photographers on real estate photography, when I was employed by Obeo as well as some friends who are also photographers.  Having those skills, gave myself more of a foundation to work with and explore when taking photographs for various agents/brokers in the areas. Real Estate Photography is one of the tools that I have the most fun with! Think of all the homes you get to see and dream about, from a small condo to a million dollar home! There is not one home that I am not proud of with my photographs!! I take great pride in my work and it shows in the photographs.

Real Estate Photography is a special knack for those who can do it. You need to be patient, concise, on time, be able to work with your client’s and homeowners, be flexible, and of all things have the proper equipment and know what it takes  to make the home visually perfect for selling. With these in mind, you will do well for the future. Please feel free to send myself any questions or concerns, or would love to just chat over my photography. I would love to be able to showcase your next listings!! Check out my website and social media!!





Here we are in August, summer is almost coming to an end—I know eh!!! Can we go back a few weeks!! Like really where did the time go!!

In preparation for the fall real estate market, I will be attending the LSTAR Trade Show on September 22, 2016 being held at the LSTAR office. I hope to see most of you there and meet some new agents as well. Let’s make the fall of 2016 the best year yet!!

In closing, once again I would like to Thank You for all my client’s near and far!! I look forward to the opportunities to continue to work with you and as well as learn many various techniques and skills to be able to showcase to my clientele.

Have a wonderful end of summer and we look forward to seeing everyone over the next few months at various functions or events!!



Anne Marie Phelan

Phelan Photography

Photography with Personality

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July 4th, 2016

Independence Day


The world has changed over the years for these celebrations to

take on a lot of different meanings for everyone.

Whether it is celebrating becoming a new citizen, a new achievement, any military accomplishments,

graduations, what ever your hearts desire, this day takes on many meanings for people.


Learn about how it originally started be clicking on this link below.


So to all my family and friends, clients and potential clients near and far,

please enjoy this day of celebrations with your own families and friends!!


Happy Fourth of July!!



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Celebrations on a Holiday!


Today we celebrate Canada!!

Make sure you get out today with your families and friends, children to take part of the many celebrations going on in your city or country.

You will find that many places are taking part of on kind of celebrations or another.

This gives you a chance to see how one celebrates our freedom for over 150 years.

Enjoy the day!!


Happy Canada Day!!

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Trail Duster Tuesdays.. A new Start for the summer


Summer time, BBQ’s, Car Shows, strolling the beaches…perfect days for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the views!

Some people can relax more then others, other’s need reassurances to relax. When we find these moments that work for us, we usually keep them until something else comes along and may work better for us.

What are the ways that help you relax? Do you try many things or stick to one thing for yourself?

Summer is the start of days off and vacations, graduations, end of the school year celebrations, all perfect times to get together with family and friends. Some people find these times also hard and stressful.

Changing how you do things for part of the year helps you get some sort of balance within in yourself and your family life also.

Remember that there is no need to spend ubber amounts of money to make yourself and family happy, precious time together or solitude is what is needed to refresh and recoup your lives together.


Life is too short to not do the things you would like or believe in. Too many people in the world who are dying from diseases or accidents, or even self inflicted pain.

Make the best of your time.

Summer… the time to recoup friendships, family lives, your partners and your children’s lives.



With Canada and Independence Day coming up, celebrations are a great way to participate and be Thankful for all that we have. Celebrations are great!

How will you celebrate?


Happy Canada Day, on July 1st!!




Happy Independence Day, on July 4th!!


Make the world a better place, be kind, be loving, be patient and forgiving.

Enjoy your time with loved ones and friends.

Have a wonderful summer!!


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Graduations and Celebrations!!


Not too often do you get to witness a mother and daughter graduate from the Nursing Program together!!

One as a new nurse, the other with Distinction and Honours in her program, both celebrating in love and happiness with this accomplishment!

Watch the movie below to see some of the highlights of the day’s celebration!!
The O'Brien Graduation Kizoa Video Editor – Movie Maker


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Sunday fun!

Here we are already into April and mother nature has played a few tricks on us!
The weather for Easter weekend was just beautiful and once April Fool’s Day hit…WHAMM!!! Snow came…what a silly practical joke!!
Well as it sits, this year has been a very strange one to begin with anyways.
All we need to do is make sure we pay attention to the weather forecasts and plan accordingly.
Then we can all hope for some spring weather to officially come back!
With this month looking to be a busy one for lots of people. Many trade shows, exhibits, events and charity events starting for the year. Make sure you attend or acknowledge these events, you may be just looking for that one “special” item you can’t find anywhere else.
For myself, as a real estate photographer, I look forward to connecting with all the agents again and meeting the new ones.
This year is gonna be a great one for me! If you haven’t seen the news.. I have branched out on my own as Phelan Photography. All services continue with the same professional services and excellent customer service. Please check out my website and Facebook page!
I look forward to reconnecting with my past clients and meeting new ones!
Enjoy the day filled with sunshine!


Lighthouse in Grand Bend with a snowstorm brewing!


View of a river in Grand Bend


My ad in the local Homes&Land Magazine.

Have a great day!!

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Easter Wishes 2016



To all my clients, family, and friends;

From my family to yours,


May you all have a wonderful

Easter celebration!!



Anne Marie, Bill

Ryan, Tara

Adam, Patricia, Brooklyn

Matthew, Lauren


and all the fur babies too

Diesel, Tank, Diesel, Sasha and Jax


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Women In Business WordPress Classes

Sherry Simoes and Maggie Kozlowski teaching how to create a wordpress blog and how to use these options for your business.


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Ups and Downs of Life and Business


There are many days when your alone and thinking if the choices you made were the good ones or not. For the most part they are, it is just that uncertainty and double thinking that gets you into trouble.

As I wonder “what if”  makes me realize Life is too short to not go forward, to engage yourself to others, to embrace change and learn from it.

We no longer have the various forms of balance in our lives, with all the technology, various choices of services available to us at the best of times can be overwhelming.

How you deal with all this, at times can be difficult if you are on your own or with a partner. Finding that balance is a challenge. Making sure you find outlets or help when you need it can keep you from making mistakes or at least learning from those already done.




Over the years, I have tried many things to make me feel special enough, brave enough to go out on my own. Having a passion for something gives you the determination that you need to keep going forward. No matter that times are either a high, or a low, you just keep going and make the best of it for that moment.

Following your passion sometimes may also lead you down another path, you just need to realize what it is you are looking at to understand where you are going!

Keeping up with the “Jones’s” is not my way of thinking, or to pester someone beyond belief. Just be yourself, stay true to yourself and others and everything else will follow.

There are always going to be ups and downs in life no matter who you are, even the best seasoned business persons have moments!!

Take the time to recharge yourself, be proactive, be open to change, and willing to accept the things that do not work and go again. Do not give up!

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Summer Fun

What will you be doing this year?
Six months away from that previouds time we all know to well! Winter!!!
So take those planned vacations or visit those that love and miss you too.


Don’t forget friendships are the best for all!

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Tipsy Tuesdays



















                     One of my photos for Linda Watson,

                          Royal LePage Triland Realty,

                       North Office made the front page

                          of the London Free Press, Resale section.


Do you do what you love? Finding that special niche or perfect angle is  always hard, never giving up is even harder!! Being in business for yourself is one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced. Some days are difficult other days are just great, then we have some days are just a surprise and a welcome to see!!

Photography is a passion I have had for many years, no matter what you do in life, follow your dreams and never give up!!! Knowing what you want out of life is good! Remember times change, so make adjustments when needed and always to look back and reflect how things started in the past to keep your self on track for the future.

Life is a challenge and a balancing act. Take each day one day at a time, enjoy the moments and learn from them.

I look forward to many more years of creating beautiful photographs for you to cherish and share with your family and friends!!!




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Throw Back Thursdays!!
















St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Southgate, Michigan

Class of 1986

Celebrating our one of many class reunions at Cafe West

High school years those were the best of times!! I loved being able to reconnect with all my high school friends, even though we now have many countries or even worlds apart, there is always something to laugh about!! We had a graduating class of at least 200 students I believe! Can’t fault me this was over 28 years ago!! shhh!! yes I’m old!! Considering I was the first one to have a child after high school (that I know of!) and he is 28 years old now, so many years and celebrations later we get together when we can!!  Our school is no longer used as a school but a business building complex, although it still looks like the same structure. Have you ever wondered what all your classmates are up to these days?? Technology keeps us connected now, so it is not hard to find those classmates you once hung out with or even wanted to know more about. What are you waiting for? Connect with your old classmates now!!

What do you remember about your high school days or even your grade school days, can you go back that far??

My grade school was called Allen A. Rogers Public School, in Michigan, USA. We lived not far from there, on a dead end street. We use to cut thru the forest to get to school or hide when we didn’t want to go to school!! I remember one of my grade school teachers as being a real meanie! Guess those were the days eh!! By grade 7 I went to St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, even there was fun too!! Many of my high school friends shared those days, some of them went to the competing high schools as well!!

I use to play Ice Hockey in those days with Allen Park Bills Bulls, man that was fun!! Bill H. was our coach, we had many girls who were taller then me, even my sister played for a short time.

If you could go back in time, which part would you go back to?? I think I would go back to high school—to do more with my family and friends and complete my Bachelors of Science Degree I was to get for working with Handicapped Students. One of the things I did while in late grade school/high school time, was work with the local Parks and Recreation Programs with Special Needs kids and adults, this is where I was taught Sign Language. To this day I still know some, learnt a few more and spent more time working with Autistic Children over the years. Many different changes over the years.

Knowing everyone has busy lives with the families and friends, let’s all stay in touch with one another and make it a promise to get together at least once over the year!!


Have an awesome day and enjoy the summer!!!3066_166540685550_3268951_n


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Spring has sprung!!

Now that the weather has begun to look at times, like Spring, what habbits or steps do you take to keep yourself in line or organized??

Do you go through your files to clean out? Rearrange the office? A common thing for some to do on a yearly schedule.


With holidays coming up soon, Easter is a time to celebrate with your family and friends.

Make sure to take time for yourself over the next few weeks you deserve it!!


Have a great night and remember to shine some light onto others!!

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March Madness

It is amazing how fast a month can fly by!!
I have been extremely busy with my photography as well as my real estate photography.. that truly is a great thing!!
Soon we will celebrate our youngest son’s 21st birthday on monday, proof yet another way we are getting older!! Ha!!Ha!!
So as we prepare for Easter and the many celebrations that come with it, don’t forget those who need a hand or help in any shape or form during this time.
Let us also keep our friends and families in mind while they fight any ailments or personal challenges.
Happy Easter to all!!


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Tuesday December 23rd, 2014




I loved being able to marvel at such a beautiful creature in nature so close to home!

I was very excited to have the chance to witness

these owls first hand.

I have always wanted to see one, not only one but I seen 2 snowy owls!! Soooo cool!!!!!!!

Let alone have the opportunity to photograph one!!

Thanks to my friend Angela and of course to Lori who took photos earlier in the week, letting us know of it’s location, so that I may too enjoy them as well!!!

Look up into the skies, check those top of the poles, for

one may never know what you shall find!!







Here is the second snowy owl. Not sure if a male or female, but he/she did not like myself getting closer to take more pictures.

Flew off to the hydro pole behind me, but course the wing span and movements I caught, again beautiful!!










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Marvellous Mondays



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

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Protected: LSTAR Children’s Christmas Party 2014

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A Southern Journey continues..


Our first day of the week at the condo took us on an adventure to Wild  Florida to see the alligators and swamps. This was approximately a half hour or less drive from our condo. We took a early afternoon tour so that we had time to have breakfast and prepare for the day. Off we go!!!



Now to come into an establishment knowing that there will be species that one is afraid of is a great accomplishment. Our companion is not liking snakes and we are dealing with a swamps and I wonder how we will manage without seeing any!

As you can see in the photo above there is a snake body in the glass display, all I could do was smile. We all look around and check out all the cool items to buy and purchase and see the stuffed wild animals hanging for all to see.


The alligator in the above photo is one of the largest crocs found in the swamps!! Can you imagine this baby coming up to you in your boat for a little peek-a-above???

It is very interesting to see all the various wild life around you here, you never know what you will find next.


Wonder what they are calling the smallest horse in this picture??

After paying for your private boat tour we were shown the area where we sat to wait till our guides came out and called out or group names to board the airboats.

You sat in a covered patio veranda style that overlooked the loading docks about a mile away, with the views of channels out to the rivers for the tours.

Just observing all the dragon flies freely flying around you and landing on you at times was so cool and interesting. Such beautiful creatures that without realizing it there over 10 or more kinds of dragon flies species to see. Who Knew?!!


Just like the butterflies and various humming birds these are very hard to capture with a camera! If I lived here I would be here all the time trying to capture them all!


This little guy was just relaxing in the warmth of the sunshine, you had to be quick to get his photo as he moved around allot to soak up the rays!




Can you see how far you need to walk to get to the airboats? In between all this is the swap and some really cool birds and fish and even water snakes crawling through all this. I am on the look out for Bald Eagles by now, as I was told they come to this area to nest. Wouldn’t that be cool to see one!!


Here is a view of Lake Cypress from the waiting area to the airboats. Check out this link for the area to tell you about the airboats and the wetlands.



Here we go!!! Making sure we are not eaten by the alligators!!


One of the airboats that takes you on a tour of the Lake.






We got to sit in the first row, which gave my the perfect view to be on the look out for the birds, alligators and other vegetation as we zoomed thru the lakes and high grasses. If you wanted to ear the ear protection you could, but for me it was just exhilarating to be whipping through the waters with the heat of the sun and the views I was like an excited youngster!



Here is Captain Mark from Wild Florida explaining to us about the area around us. He is a local who loves the boats and the protected waterways for all the wild life and wetlands. He was quite knowledgeable about the various vegetation, types of birds, how deep the water was, if the alligators would eat you if you fell into the water, he says just stand up!!! It’s only 4 feet deep, until you get out to the middle of the lake then it is 6 feet deep. Amazing the amount of information one would need to explain to all the guests who come to see these areas. Imagine the boat ride ranges in time and price by how long or short you want to be out. But to get the full affect you should be out for at least an hour and a half. Being able to see how nature works in all areas of the world is really cool, let alone being able to document it all with my lens for all others to enjoy also!




Could you imagine going out on these waters at dusk, looking at the trees thinking perhaps the huge moss hanging are snakes falling out of the trees?? Cool or not??

Keep reading as we have more to come…….. Thanks for reading so far!!!

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A Southern Journey

It all began on a Sunday early morning. We had the car packed and started out on the highway to the airport. There is something surreal about the wee hours of the morning when you travel you get to see the world wake up at various times and watch the sunrise, enjoying the various colours it creates for you to see.

Now arriving at a very busy airport early makes for a stressful time frame, as you are excited to go but not excited for the plane ride at the same time! You never know if the person’s next to you are going to be quiet, or talkative or even if a child will be pestering the people around them. In the end we sat with one of our travel companions while the other was sitting in the Exit row seating enjoying the space around the area.

Our in-flight movie was no movie but TV shows that were actually kind of silly. Disappointing really. Such a short flight but one usually likes to watch a movie while flying or try to sleep, even though they pack you in like sardines. Spaces are very limited with your seats, it doesn’t help when the seat in front of you is positioned back as well!



The last time I was in Florida, or any part of it was for my father and stepmother’s wedding in 2002. They got married in Fort Walton Beach area.

Here we are in Orlando, Florida heading out to a rental condo for a week, while our travel companion’s will be here a week and a half.

The weather is absolutely beautiful!! Hot, humid and sunny! PERFECT!!

Now off to our rental car to head to our condo!! Thankfully we brought our GPS with us so that we can find the house ok! Took a short turn nearby to stop to get some groceries before we arrived at the condo with the all ready packed car which is now stuffed to the gills with us, luggage’s and groceries!!!


The local landscapes are always interesting to see. The various kinds of trees the pastures, the wildlife and the local farmers animals. It gives you a sense of being at home.

Just like at home there is a lot of construction going on in various places. With the highways here they have toll roads, a nice way to get you to pay for all the maintenance needed to keep the roads current conditions at its best.

Our condo is in a very nice subdivision surrounding by many other vacation homes in the area. Florida is one of the top locations where people come to for vacations and condo rentals while away. The structures of the homes are made like a stone exterior house with earth tones for colours with a Spanish flare for design.

Very nice home. Clean. It has a 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one king size bed, 2 smaller rooms with 2 twin beds in each room, and a double bed/queen size bed. The master bedroom en suite is really nice, with a stand-up glass shower, an oval tub, with a 2 sink counter with a private toilet area and a walk in closet. The one sofa comes out to a double bed as well! Dinning Room area, a Breakfast nook, open concept kitchen, screened in patio with a pool and a view into the pond area. The garage is even equipped with a fuse table, a basketball game, ping-pong table and a short pool table.

There are a few drawback’s  I see from this house. They need to do a bit of updating, the TVs and maybe a better fridge for the home, it is not a full size fridge. Adding foam to the double bed, as it is hard, better pillows, getting ride of anything with feathers in it! Some of the throw pillows are feathers and with people, including myself having allergies to these things it is not good.  A fresh coat of paint would make it look a bit nicer as well.  You are expected to buy your condiments, dish soaps, and utensils for BBQ were non-existing. The BBQ needs to be replaced as it is a small one with uneven burners working. The pool should have some kind of railing near the steps as soon as you try to step down you have nothing to hold onto. There is not one spot for a life jacket if you needed it or any spot for a first aide kit nearby. Although we do not have young kids with us, the exception to the rule to actually watch your children in the pool is expected. There is a Florida law to have an alarm system on the sliding doors of the home and if someone falls into the water it goes off, somehow—not sure how that actually works as each side of the screened in porch has a door to get inside. There is a webcam above the sun room doors, but where is that actually looking at or is it just a way to spy on things??


This is the view from our condo out towards the pond area with the local birds coming out to great us with their beauty and lovely loud calling features they make! Smile LOUD CALLING FEATURES!!!!

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Tuesday-September 2, 2014 -An End to Summer Celebration




A Blurry pic of the X festival lights with an older camera, lots of screaming kids on the roller coasters and a huge light display of many colours!!















Atlantis, a place for many weddings and business functions held over the Ontario Marina, Toronto.





A view of the docks at night with all the boaters getting ready for a night of celebrations.

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Thirsty Thursdays- Jazz and Blues at it’s best. August 24th, 2014

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Happy Hump Day-Adventures of a photographer



My adventures lead me to the nearest waterways, Longpoint Marina and

Port Rowan and a few other places on a hot summer day!!!





The skies over looking the marina.



The Lighthouse at the marina, keeping the waterways clear of all the dangers.


Overlooking the pier just before the entrance to Longpoint Conservation Area.

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Fabulous Fridays



Niagara Falls, Ontario  June 22, 2014 weekend

We explored Niagara Falls for our 12th year wedding anniversary, it was relaxing and great to see

all the sights in the area. We even went to Fort George, Ontario and got to watch the

ships come in at St. Catherine’s Lock’s. I got to finally see the abandoned ship that is near the QEW in St. Catherine’s.










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Weddings and Family

Had fun watching one of my cousins get married this past weekend.  A beautiful day, hot one too!!
A cute little Inn in Sombra, Ontario along the St. Clair River named Bogey Inn with the wedding and reception on the same location with hall named after Humphrey Bogart, named Bogart’s. Decorated with all the same era of Humphrey Bogart’s.
Clean, manicured lawns with the Inn being literally across the parking lot, makes for a very comfortable weekend with less stress.
They also have a marina on the property with a specular view at night.
Enjoy the photos, more to come!
Congratulations to James and Lindsay Roehler!








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